A preview of the new hire onboarding product. The left side features a desktop image of the Square web app with a series of tasks a seller can assign to new hires during onboarding. The right side features a mobile image of the tasks from the team member's perspective.

New hire onboarding

Square · 2024


Business owners subscribe to Square’s products to do a range of jobs, but using Square as their HR system wasn’t one of them. There was no structured way to onboard team members to their business and perform basic HR tasks like having employees fill out forms, upload documents, and check off other routine tasks. Sellers often asked us for a way to do these things within Square, so we set out to build a solution that could guide team members from the initial invitation to their first day on the job.


This project is currently in beta. Come back later for more details.

A dashboard screen with a list of onboarding tasks for new team members, including “Review profile,” “View Specialty coffee manual,” “View Acme Coffee handbook,” and “Upload food handler’s certificate.”
A document management screen showing a list of documents, including an “employment-agreement.pdf,” with options to search, view, upload, and manage documents. A popover menu for the “employment-agreement.pdf” document, offering options to “Open in,” “Rename,” and “Delete.”
A form to upload a document for team members, with fields for the document type (e.g., “Emergency contact form”), optional instructions, and toggles for requiring an expiration date and making the document optional.
Two mobile screens displaying onboarding tasks for a new hire, Ashley, including “Review profile” and “Upload documents,” with a completion checklist and an option to add documents.
A screen prompting the user to tap their badge on the Square Reader to add the badge, displayed on a tablet.

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