A portrait of Gabe standing in the courtyard of Designmuseum in Copenhagen. Gabe is wearing a white t-shirt and wireframe glasses and is smiling. The green leaves of trees are out of focus in the background.

Hi, I’m Gabe. I’m a product designer at Square in sunny Oakland, California. Nice to meet you.

New hire onboarding

A preview of the new hire onboarding product. The left side features a desktop image of the Square web app with a series of tasks a seller can assign to new hires during onboarding. The right side features a mobile image of the tasks from the team member's perspective.

Team member badges

A preview of the team member badges product. A screen for entering a passcode is displayed in the Square app in the background. A Square Reader floats nearby in the foreground.

Employee setup

A preview of the the employee setup experience. A screen depicts various profile fields, like name and email address, for Square sellers to fill out.


A preview of the scheduling product in Square Dashboard. A grid of shifts is visible that are assigned to various team members.

Billing experience

A preview of the billing experience. Two images are overlaid on top of each other: the foreground image depicts an accordion-style checkout flow with the business address step open, and the background image depicts the same experience with the payment method step open.